Selling Your Car

The top choices for selling your car online are vehicle auction sites and classified advertisements. A large number of these options are happily widely available to people wanting to sell their vehicle in the UK.

A great deal of potential car buyers are setting their sights on the Internet because of the sheer volume of vehicles available to buy. Today's website technology and internet speeds make it a cakewalk to compare prices and options between cars, and conduct research into what vehicle will suit your needs. However, each site will have differing methods of marketing a car, and will come with a wide range of fees and services, as well as various levels of traffic and popularity.

Classified Ads

It's best to decide early on whether you want to use a classified ads marketing service, or want to go down the auction route. For classified ads, its best to go with the big boys; Auto Trader and Desperate Seller. These services help to bring buyers and sellers together by matching them on defined criteria, and you can communicate via both email and phone.

Car Auctions

Car auction sites usually need you to set a floor price, which is the lowest price you will accept for the vehicle. You can get this approximate price using the form at the top of the site, or by using one of the other car valuation services online. People using auction sites are usually after vehicles quickly, so it's best to get in touch with any bidders straight away. This also helps you to ascertain whether they're genuine or not. The unfortunate fact about online auctions is you will often find the final price you get is lower than you'd hope for. But such is the nature of the beast.

Once you've decided on what method of selling you're going for, and have picked out a website that floats your boat, you should have a look at what fees are required for registering or listing your car for sale. If it's a quick sale you're after, it's probably best just to pay a flat fee and let things run their course. Options such as highlighted adverts, longer descriptions or multiple images of the vehicle usually cost extra, but help to make your car stand out in the crowd, and may prevent any 'tyre-kickers'. Some websites will have the option to run your advert until the car is sold, whilst others will require a weekly or monthly fee.

To sell your car, you can simply give us some basic details about your car using the form at the top of the page, and you will be given a price with a no obligation offer to buy it.