Buying A Car Online

Looking through car listings on the internet is easy. But don't forget, you should take the same care when researching a possible vehicle purchase virtually as you would normally. And remember, buying any car online will be covered by the Distance Selling Regulations.

Buying a car via the internet entitles you to exactly the same rights you would have if you bought it from a physical dealership or person. You shouldn't take information you are given about the car at face value; always look for additional information online, and also make sure you physically view the car in person before making a firm offer.

Get A Price

It's best to find out what sort of price similar vehicles are being sold for, so you know if the seller is offering a reasonable price, or trying to rip you off. You can get a price on the car buy inputting its number plate in to the from at the top of the page, or by using another online car valuation service. Should the car seller be looking for a price that bears no resemblance to the one you got from the valuation service, you should make a note of this, and be sure to ask about the price difference.

When looking for vehicles online, you should make sure you know where the seller of potential vehicle is located in the country. Don't rely on an email address or website ending in, as this does not always mean that the car seller is actually located in the UK. Most countries in the EU give similar rights to car buyers as they do in the UK, but one or two local laws may be different. Be careful, as many scams on the internet involve the buying and selling of international vehicles.

Investigate The Seller

When you've found a car dealership that has vehicles you are interested in, it's time for a bit of investigation. Have a search for their company name or website on a search engine, and see if you can find reviews from previous customers. You should make sure that the seller provides you with full and proper contact information, including a physical address, in case of questions and problems, or in the worst case if you need to file a complaint. You should also ask about the condition of the vehicle, and whether it has ever been damaged or in an accident. It also doesn't hurt to ask why the car is being sold.

Whilst buying a used car online is mostly easier than trawling the dealerships in person, you should still follow our precautions in order to protect yourself.